is a web-based application designed to help organizations:
  1. Create competitive advantages by generating proof-of-performance data that can be shared with prospective (and existing) customers.
  2. Measure and compare project performance across the organization.
  3. Continuously improve project performance by doing more of what creates positive, profitable results and less of what doesnít.
  4. Increase project capacity without adding additional staff.

can provide your organization with the ability to predict the future based on whatís happened in the past. Specifically, it helps you to quickly figure out whatís working and what isnít in your organization.

will help you identify key issues that impact project performance within the first month of implementation. By addressing these issues you will be able to improve project performance by 10-30%.

can be used alone or integrated with your existing PM Software package.

IS NOT a project management software package (i.e., a planning, scheduling and budgeting tool). Rather, it can be used alone, or to augment any PM software package to help you clearly identify why you're getting good (or bad) results on your projects. Most important, it helps to ensure continuous, measurable improvement across projects and project managers within your organization.

Browse through the site to see how can help your organization achieve incredible project results that are both measurable and sustainable. And then give us a call to set up a free hands-on demonstration. Youíll be amazed at what it can do for you.